Monday, October 01, 2007

Review: Mocomoco-Knit

Moreover, lovely things came from MCH.

Muffler and KnittdeCap, they are very cute!
Mocomoco means ball of fluff in Japanese, maybe...

KnittedCap: MCH mainstore - :: M-C-H :: Mocomoco-KnitCap Caramel - Homin Mayo; 
Muffler: MCH mainstore - :: M-C-H :: Mocomoco-Muffler Caramel [Long] - Homin Mayo;
BackGround: MCH mainstore - :: M-C-H :: Bonbon-Noren[Pink] - Homin Mayo; 
Top: Fashionably Dead - (FD) Long Knit Jacket -Toast Board;
Hair: ETD - Regina - Elikapeka Tiramisu;
Pose: SugarCube - SC-modeling pose -Sayuri Cremorne;
Skin: Kru's Boutique - Kru's Skin Pure - Kru Flan

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