Monday, September 28, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Teleport issue with resize script

I experimented again about Teleport issue with Resizing script.
I tried on some scripts.

How many objects of 250 Prim can be attached In order to succeed in Teleport.
The value of Top scripts is also displayed by reference.

There is no telling whether this result is reliable.
but it seems that differs between scripted item and no-scripted item.
*I do not understand the heading of "Mono" for what is meant.. I only know that the script 03 was compiled by MONO.
*script 04 is simple. It does not have the function to edit individual prim.
*The value of Top scripts is installing a script in 250 Prim object. 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

About Resize Script...

Recently, I have been worrying a little about the resizing script.

I conducted the questionnaire survey.Thank you all for the cooperation!

It has just started today though,
I have noticed that there are many people who are loved with the resizing script.
and I realized how much people need modify permission!!

For now, I am going to use a resizing script with modify OK.
( For the person who hates it, I may enclose what has a nothing resizing script.)

Also, I noticed that many people did not delete a script after size change.Because they can always want to change it in the future!

however,It seems that, a problem may arise when the resizing script is used.
- The script causes issues when teleporting. I am often unable to teleport when I wear scripted items
- Because scripts cause lag
I experimented.
I attached ten or more scripted skirts. And I tried the Teleport. It failed :-(
That may be because there is too much Prem.. I m not sure..

Because I am not knowledgeable about a script, I do not understand well,
Even except [ while actually performing the resizing function ],
Do many scripts make load high?

I found such description.
There is no llSetLinkParameters, so each prim will need a subscript
with it's own llSetPrimitiveParams.

You can then imagine the script overhead for 200+ prim hair.

Which can be aggravated by poor scripting with each resize script having it's own llListen (for a dialog) instead of having a master listen and link messages.
Does such a script exist? Is there any solution?
Because almost all scripts are "no mod", then I cannot judge it...

If you have any time, please comment on this post,

- Do you have the experience which failed Teleport with scripted items?
- Does a resizing script have high load?
- Do you think that we should delete a script after size change?
- Do you know resizing scripts that have low load?
- whatever another opinioon about resizing script!

and The survey is still open!

your name is not saved. Then, I cant reply your question, please understand it.
In cases,you need reply , please contact me with the comment of this report or IM, and a note card.

Thank you so much for your time :-)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

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