Thursday, October 18, 2007

Review* fererra set 50% OFF!


I got this "fererra set 50% OFF" at the、!**Fashion Mode SALE.
I like high-waisted skirt :)
This Skirt's texture like tweed is drawn well.
It includs two kands of shirts and pants style.
So you can enjoy combining, this like! Yay!

Accessories that I am wearing is Yukirei accessories all.
Her works is wonderful :)
She made cool accessories and cute one, too.
There are a lot of commodities Yukirei accessories.
So you can enjoy shopping very much!

Outfit: /artilleri/ - fererra set - Antonia Marat

Necklace: Yukirei accessories - outstanding cross necklace - Yukirei Greene

Pierce: Yukirei accessories - stone of heaven Pierce - Yukirei Greene

Ring : Yukirei accessories - stone of heaven ring - Yukirei Greene

Gloves: KANA-NA - SIMPLE GIRL - NaNa Beatty;

Socks: -Corduroy- - row's dotty leggings (hot pink) - Alan Wijaya; Puma Jie

Shoes: SugarCube-ketty- - Not for Sale - Yuuki Kurosawa;

Hair: ETD - Brittany - Dirty - Elikapeka Tiramisu;

Pose: SugarCube - SC-modeling pose -Sayuri Cremorne;

Skin: Kru's Boutique - Kru's Skin Pure - Kru Flan;

Thanks for Yukirei, Puma, NaNa!


antonia marat said...

hey yuuki! :D thank you so so much for blogging the fererra set! :D <3 you look cute in it! :)

Yuuki Kurosawa said...

Hello! antonia:))
very very thank you so much!
I love your clothings XD
Its so cute!