Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Review: wonderful things!


I love a lot of lovely dresses and it make me embarrassed.
I can not choose dresses, to wear!

This skirt is cute! It has Button shape of heart XD very cute!
And I like its silhouette., aily texture.

This kawaii leggings is named yuuki's leggings! yay!

the cardigan is decorated like candy! kawaii!

Tops: **THE CLOSET** - candyknitcardigan - bambi63 Rehula;
Skirt: MG fashion - Heart button denim skirt - forest pink - Maria Gherard;
Shirts: Fashionably Dead at CottonCandy - School Marm - Toast Board;
Necklace: Fashionably Dead at CottonCandy -- Toast Board;
Hair: Hiccup - The Tease - Tilly Tokyo;
Shoes: ::Periquita Shoes:: - Suzzy Purple - Erpla Prieto;
Socks: -Corduroy- - yuuki's leggings! - Alan Wijaya; Puma Jie
Pose: SugarCube - SC-modeling pose -Sayuri Cremorne;
Skin: Kru's Boutique - Kru's Skin Pure - Kru Flan;

Thank you! Maria, Tilly, bambi, Puma, Alan!