Thursday, October 11, 2007

Review:G.L.A.M. Jazzy Puff Jackets


Good things are obtained low in price at G.L.A.M.
This jackets is about 50L$!
It has 2 kind of hood.
You can modify it, so don't worry about protrudes hairs.

This bag is merchandise of Over Drive .
But the shop is still under construction...
I am looking forward to completion XD

Jackets: G.L.A.M. - G.L.A.M. Jazzy Puff Jackets- Chloris Hathor;

Shirt: BP* - turtle brown-pink BP*- BettiePage Voyager;

Bags: Over Drive - SideBag(Plane) - Xiavy Voom;

Pants: G.L.A.M. - Tweed Slacks in Gray - Chloris Hathor;

Belts: **Nylon Outfitters* - Three Hole Belts - Nylon Pinkney;

Socks:Shiny Things - Knit knee socks navy - Fallingwater Cellardoor;

Shoes:Shiny Things - Old Laceup Boot - brown - Fallingwater Cellardoor;

Hair: ETD - Patricia - Elikapeka Tiramisu;

Eye: KiKi - eyes- japan-black - Kisskiss Zemlja;

Pose: SugarCube - SC-modeling pose -Sayuri Cremorne;

Skin: Kru's Boutique - Kru's Skin Pure - Kru Flan;

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