Thursday, September 10, 2009

About Resize Script...

Recently, I have been worrying a little about the resizing script.

I conducted the questionnaire survey.Thank you all for the cooperation!

It has just started today though,
I have noticed that there are many people who are loved with the resizing script.
and I realized how much people need modify permission!!

For now, I am going to use a resizing script with modify OK.
( For the person who hates it, I may enclose what has a nothing resizing script.)

Also, I noticed that many people did not delete a script after size change.Because they can always want to change it in the future!

however,It seems that, a problem may arise when the resizing script is used.
- The script causes issues when teleporting. I am often unable to teleport when I wear scripted items
- Because scripts cause lag
I experimented.
I attached ten or more scripted skirts. And I tried the Teleport. It failed :-(
That may be because there is too much Prem.. I m not sure..

Because I am not knowledgeable about a script, I do not understand well,
Even except [ while actually performing the resizing function ],
Do many scripts make load high?

I found such description.
There is no llSetLinkParameters, so each prim will need a subscript
with it's own llSetPrimitiveParams.

You can then imagine the script overhead for 200+ prim hair.

Which can be aggravated by poor scripting with each resize script having it's own llListen (for a dialog) instead of having a master listen and link messages.
Does such a script exist? Is there any solution?
Because almost all scripts are "no mod", then I cannot judge it...

If you have any time, please comment on this post,

- Do you have the experience which failed Teleport with scripted items?
- Does a resizing script have high load?
- Do you think that we should delete a script after size change?
- Do you know resizing scripts that have low load?
- whatever another opinioon about resizing script!

and The survey is still open!

your name is not saved. Then, I cant reply your question, please understand it.
In cases,you need reply , please contact me with the comment of this report or IM, and a note card.

Thank you so much for your time :-)


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