Wednesday, October 17, 2007

-Corduroy- Corkboard

I and Sayuri like to take the photograph.
So I introduces a wonderful boad decorates photograph, today.
You can stick a lot of photographs on this board.
Click photographs to change:)
It really nice and so fun!
You can get this lovely board at -Corduroy-
Moreover, it is only 75 L$. Yay!

Thanks Alan and Puma<3


The Diva said...

OMG! Just Last Night I said I needed one of these for my new place!
Thank you!

/me hopes it is available @

Alan Wijaya said...

Girls! Love youuu madly!!

Diva! Sorry we only available inworld right now

Tymmerie said...

OMIGAWD! OHMIGAWD! I am in LOVE with my new corkboard!!!!!! I got a great, fast response, too, when I IM'd for help setting it up (I am stoooopid sometimes - it is really easy.). It is the cutest thing ever!! Guess what all of my SL friends are getting for their Rez Day presents?? :-)

Yuuki Kurosawa said...

I am in Love with this board, too!!
Its makes my room funny and lovely<3

Thank you all!