Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Review:Knit tops BP*

We had matchig hats at haphzard!!
Sayuri is that Blue knit wearing, and Black shirt wearing Yuuki is.

There is our new shop.
It will come soon...maybe...XO

And what Sayuri wearing is so cute!
I love it very much!

What Yuuki wearing

What Sayuri wearing

Tops:BP* - bue knit - BettiePage Voyager;

Muffler:BP* - crochet scarf 1 - BettiePage Voyager;

Skirt: 141 - R&S Skirt - ish Kidd;

Shoes:Shiny Things - Old Laceup Boot - brown - Fallingwater Cellardoor;

Hair:ETD - The Long II - Ash Brown - Elikapeka Tiramisu;

Skin: Kru's Boutique - Kru's Skin Pure - Kru Flan;

Thanks for Wednesday, Ish, BP<3>


Floresha Vuckovic said...

You are so cute. <333

Yuuki Kurosawa said...

Thank you floresha XD
You look lovely too!